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An Introduction from the Author


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Children's Art Education
Drawing Program

The Born to Draw Children’s Art Education program is a series of books and eBooks of classroom art curricula that can be used as an educational resource for teachers, parents and students. It is designed to teach children and young adults how to draw in both representational and abstract ways while utilizing different mediums. The concept for Born to Draw derives from 20 years of teaching experience in all levels of art education from Montessori preschool, community arts programs, artist-in-residence public schools grant programs, to colleges and universities in California and New Mexico. This series is a culmination of experience pieced together from various assignments that resulted in the first of two art educational drawing books for children in Kindergarten through 6th grades.

There is a vital need in our schools to teach children these skills. Budget concerns are causing cutbacks on teachers and supplies. Teachers often spend their own money on supplies for their students. It is my hope that I can provide an outline and approach to art education, so that teachers and parents will have the tools to teach and educate their students. This series will also give students the confidence to learn drawing and painting in a way that allows them to develop new insights and to discover new ways of seeing the world.

The premise of this series is to integrate learning through drawing, painting, sculpture, and multimedia, and to apply these approaches to language arts, science and mathematics. Visual learning sparks conceptual thinking, and we can apply these concepts to various subject matter and avenues of understanding. Within this series, the reader will discover an emphasis on ecological concepts, bringing awareness for the need to balance their lives with the natural world around them.

The books are based on the National and International Standards of Art Education with the first two books geared toward K-6th grade. There will be printed books and eBooks for young adults as well. The Born to Draw series will be available initially in electronic format (eBooks). Visit the Born to Draw website for information on obtaining print versions of these books.

A drawing app for the iPad and other devices is in development. Watch for this application, as it will add the computer graphics aspect to the Born to Draw experience, integrating multimedia presentations into the student’s portfolio, and providing the ability to express fresh concepts. Computer based graphical arts is currently an education standard in Europe, which we in the U.S. are just beginning to apply.

Thank you for purchasing Born to Draw and pursuing the education of arts in our schools and for our children. Children and adults alike can learn from this method. It is time to realize that we are all ‘Born to Draw.’

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The Program Sections

Born to Draw: Section One

Teaching and Learning Art Techniques - Grades 2-6

This section is an eight-week drawing class about art techniques and ideas providing students structural drawing elements. This section provides a curriculum, syllabus, and materials list for the classroom. It also discusses how to introduce drawing concepts to students, and how to encourage their participation and creativity.

Born to Draw: Section Two

Step-by-Step Drawing Program - Grades K-6

This section involves drawing in a step-by-step format of subjects such as mammals, dinosaurs, reptiles, butterflies, and still life. This section also features light blue colored boxes that include facts and information about the subjects. This serves to create a multidisciplinary approach, involving subjects such as geography, ecology, language arts, history and mathematics.

Teachers should concentrate on helping kindergarten children to draw the basic shapes - circle, square, triangle and ovals. Once these basic shapes are learned the teacher can show the students how to put shapes together to create things. Once the students do these projects a few times they will start to grasp the idea, and they are off drawing butterflies, bears and flowers.

I have mentored children as young as 3 and 4 years old until about the age of 12. Many students who learn this step-by-step concept are then able to turn around and show their peers how to create and draw. Children find these drawings fun, and they learn how to use the materials responsibly. Born to Draw is a great tool for class work, homework, reports, and presentations.